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Many homeowners looking to improve the value of their home debate whether they should renovate from the outside in or the inside out. There really is no simple answer to this question as it can depend on a lot of factors, but the general contractors at Vancouver's Coastline Development Group Ltd are here to help you figure it out.


Both interior and exterior home renovations in Vancouver come with a lot of benefits, and both are important for a complete, whole-house remodel. However, if you're currently only going to be focusing on one or the other, then we've put together some tips to help you decide which one it should be.

When to Start with an Interior Renovation

Depending on your focus, interior home renovations in Vancouver can be a quick way to add value to your home. If your home's exterior is still in good condition but the kitchen and bathrooms are old and out of style, then you might want to start there. Remodelling an older kitchen or bathroom will instantly make your home more attractive to potential homebuyers.

Even (and especially) if you aren't planning to sell your home anytime soon, the right type of interior renovation can enhance your own and your family's enjoyment of the space. Perhaps your family has grown since you moved in and you need more space, or you've simply thought of a better layout to meet your needs. In these cases, an exterior renovation can generally wait unless you have serious exterior maintenance issues that need to be addressed.

When to Start with an Exterior Renovation

If you want to improve the value of your home and your kitchen and bathrooms are still highly functional and not too outdated, then you'll want to focus your efforts on an exterior renovation. Curb appeal is an important factor for determining the value of your home. First impressions really do matter, and they can make the difference between a prospective buyer even choosing to come in and take a look at the inside. You'll get a great return on your investment if you start by hiring general contractors in Vancouver to improve your home's exterior first.

It makes even more sense to work from the outside in if there are serious exterior maintenance issues to address. You don't want to start on the inside of your home only to have your beautiful new interior renovations damaged by sudden roof leaks.

Interior and Exterior Home Renovations in Vancouver

Even harder than deciding where to start on a home renovation is deciding on the Vancouver area general contractors to work with. At Coastline Development Group Ltd, we know how much of an investment home renovations in Vancouver represent. We will gladly prove our dedication by sitting down with you, making sure we understand your needs and your vision, and providing you with a free quote.

To find out if our team of experienced general contractors in Vancouver is a good fit for your project, just contact Coastline Development Group Ltd today.


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