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When a building is made for the first time, it is essential to construct it correctly so that it is strong, durable, comfortable and efficient. Thus, when you hire a contractor to undertake new construction in Vancouver, you can rely on Coastline Development Group Ltd. We are your dependable source for commercial and residential builds of all sizes. We possess the experience, tradespeople, contacts and expertise to take your ideas from initial concept through to completion. No matter what type of building you require, be it your dream home, a residential apartment complex, or a brand new commercial space for your franchise location, we’ll walk you through the entire process with confidence to provide you with an honest and transparent appraisal. There’s a reason why we’ve been kept busy for so long. Our great results and straightforward approach have made us the go-to general contractor for construction projects throughout the Lower Mainland and beyond.


Once your new construction is complete, we also offer renovation and repair services to make sure that your construction remains shiny and new for a longer period of time.


In order to smoothly onboard and successfully complete a project involving new construction work, we ensure that you get a comfortable and convenient experience with our services such as:

Dedicated Builders in Vancouver

No matter how large a project it is, Coastline Development Group Ltd tackles each new construction assignment with the same diligence and devotion to client satisfaction. First and foremost, our job from the onset of any new construction is to listen. Our commitment to open communication and responsibility continues throughout the construction process of your new building. From our management staff to every member of the on-site crew, Coastline Development Group Ltd is accountable to you, the client, at every stage of the build of your new property. A new construction project’s ultimate success lies in the correlation between the work completed and its proximity to your expectations. We strive to exceed those expectations with every project we take on. We attribute our staying power in the field to our consistency, best building practices and attention to detail. Your goals are the starting point at which we begin, and we do not cut corners. Integrity, efficiency and high quality define our workmanship as well as our work process. We’re passionate about new construction in Vancouver. Get in touch with us today to set up a discussion to initiate work on the development of your new building. We welcome all new challenges and truly appreciate your patronage.

Detailed Proposals

Constructing a building from the ground up is a major undertaking for any company, but Coastline Development Group Ltd. feels that the completion of your new home or business needn’t be a stressful experience for you. With the right crews and experience in place, our team provides a streamlined process designed for your convenience and continued confidence. It all begins with a detailed proposal to address any concerns you may have. When it comes to your new construction in Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond or anywhere else, you should demand a contractor that can ease your worry by eliminating all mystery and questions from the equation. From securing the right permits to assessing the land, and handling the required scheduling, we pride ourselves on fulfilling every job requirement so you don’t have to worry. We offer you peace of mind by offering a clear vision and a full scope of our service commitments.

Free Estimates

Whether you’re all ready to begin construction or you’re just starting to consider the possibility of a new build, we would love to hear from you. We’re not about high-pressure sales, just honest appraisals and good work. We welcome all prospective clients to view our gallery of past projects to get an idea of what we’re all about. From restorations to remodels to housing repairs, we do it all. If you’re in the market for a reliable construction partner, we’re the team to call.


Commonly Asked Questions

• What should I do if I am interested in starting construction on a new building?
When you are considering new construction, consult our team of experts during the initial design stages of your project. This will help us plan variables such as the cost and the projected time frame of your project.

• Does Coastline Development Group Ltd. build houses?
Yes. We handle every aspect of design and build of your new construction project.


Contact Us

 Browse our website to learn more about our new construction services in Vancouver. Feel free to drop us a line. We’re available to answer any questions you may have.


Receive a free quote for renovations or new construction.

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