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Do you need a beautiful outdoor space to increase productivity and creativity in a buzzing atmosphere? An aesthetically welcoming landscape increases the value of your commercial property and draws a lot of attention for good reasons. 

At Coastline Development Group Ltd, we offer end-to-end commercial landscaping services in Vancouver. We design, construct, upgrade, and maintain the beauty of outdoor spaces for commercial properties across the region. Our services include:

New construction
Exterior landscaping
Project management
Building permits

In past years, we have helped many clients achieve their desired results with our skilled workmanship. We have served different types of clients, such as mall tenants, office tenants, restaurants, and many more. Our experienced team can handle any landscaping project efficiently, regardless of scale.

​Get in touch with us today to hire our professional services. Also, check out our past projects for reference and working style.



Commercial landscaping is a way of changing mundane outdoor spaces into welcoming and breathtaking views. It comprises planning, designing, installing and maintaining your landscapes for the long term. Commercial landscaping focuses on enhancing the property's visual appeal, creating a welcoming environment for employees, customers, and visitors, and promoting a positive image for the business. It caters to various types of businesses, such as office buildings, shopping centers, hotels, parks, and other commercial establishments.

Coastline Development Group Ltd assures unique and customized commercial landscaping in and around Vancouver. Our designs complement your environment and resonate with your distinct business personality. So, if you are partnering with us, you can anticipate the following elements,

  • Hardscapes
    These non-living solid structures like gazebos, decks, concrete patios, gravel walkways, or fences add design and appeal to your landscape.


  • Softscapes
    These are living or organic elements such as trees, shrubs, flowers or grass that provide greenery and a natural element to the landscape.


  • Artificial water bodies
    Take your landscapes to the next level by installing artificial water bodies like ponds, waterfalls or fountains. This feature easily becomes the centre of attraction and enhances the beauty of the landscape.


  • Efficient systems
    An efficient irrigation and drainage system is required to keep the growing plants healthy and save water without compromising overall maintenance.



Once your landscape is created entirely, it is essential to perform regular maintenance to keep it green and healthy. A simple maintenance routine can help your landscape stay evergreen and appealing. Here are some points that can assist you in maintenance.


  • Always keep your landscape clean and refined by clearing out dried flowers and leaves, especially during spring and fall.

  • Check your irrigation and drainage system thoroughly to keep grass and plants healthy.

  • Plant flowers and trees according to the soil, weather conditions, and seasons.

  • Protect your plants from insects by using proper methods.

  • Use fertilizers to keep your landscape blooming and growing.


You can also regularly check for any defects in the structures like gazebos, decks or benches to maintain the safety and beauty of the outdoor spaces.

Look at our blog section to learn more about sustainable landscaping, home renovation, flooring mistakes, etc.



Coastline Development Group Ltd follows a simple 5-step process to execute any commercial landscaping project in Vancouver efficiently. This process helps us streamline all activities and provide our clients transparency and satisfaction.

  • Consultation
    During the consultation with our experienced team, you can share your objectives, vision, and specific requirements for the landscape project.


  • Site visit
    After consultation, our team will visit your site to inspect landscape conditions and design the outdoor space while considering your specifications.


  • Free estimates
    During the site visit, the landscape area will be measured, and all the requirements will be considered to present a competitive project cost estimation.


  • Work
    Once you approve, we will start our work of planning, designing, and installation, and our team will keep you updated at every step of the way.


  • Customer satisfaction
    After completing the project, you will get a unique and spectacular outdoor view that will keep you active and refreshed throughout the long working hours.

Check out some of our past projects in Vancouver. Contact our team if you would like to discuss your project requirements or consult us for your specific needs.



Coastline Development Group Ltd is a full-service commercial landscaping contractor in Vancouver. You get a one-stop solution for all your landscaping needs, such as up-gradation, construction, design, and maintenance.


Commercial landscaping projects need to be handled with a different approach than residential projects. We possess the technical know-how and expertise to offer personalized solutions for your landscaping needs. While designing and reviving your landscape, we ensure that your brand image remains the highlight of the outcome. 


Creating an attractive, useful commercial landscape is a specialized task that experts can handle only. Apart from beautifying the outdoor area of your commercial space, we will offer valuable tips for the day-to-day upkeep of the landscape. We also provide our clients with high-quality commercial landscape maintenance services. 


Due to our strong attention to detail and dedicated services, we have built long-term, positive relations with all our clients. For this reason, our valuable clients trust and benefit from our suggestions. ​

At Coastline Development Group Ltd, we are committed to providing you with unique, customized, and eye-pleasing landscapes. Call us today for all your commercial landscaping requirements.



Coastline Development Group Ltd has got you covered with professional commercial landscaping services in and around Vancouver.

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