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When you need residential renovations, such as room additions, door replacements, or siding, the Lower Mainland depends on Coastline Development Group Ltd.

As a homeowner, you need to feel confident in the skills of your contractors, regardless of whether it's new construction, a remodel, or an addition. We're your one-stop shop for superior quality construction delivered on time and within your budget.

At Coastline Development Group Ltd, we are proud to say that we carry three million dollars in liability insurance coverage and are fully covered by the WCB for your peace of mind.

We also maintain relationships with large suppliers who deal with high-quality materials in bulk, which helps us work with lower material costs compared to other service providers.


Call our reliable residential renovation in Vancouver to discuss your project and get a free quote!


Our team of skilled tradesmen offers you a variety of contractor solutions for your home, such as:

To learn more about your residential renovation options, please contact our office.

Visit our Past Projects page to view a gallery of our past projects!


Are you contemplating reviving the look of your Vancouver residence?

Whether you envision upgrading your home's exterior with a stylish new front entry door, adding a charming porch, or expanding with an extra room, there are many custom design and build options available to Vancouver homeowners.

Coastline Development Group Ltd specializes in bringing your vision to life. Our seasoned team manages projects from inception to completion, ensuring impeccable workmanship and attention to detail. Contact our office today to explore the myriad renovation possibilities for your Vancouver home.



We proudly use JamesHardie products.


Looking to renovate your home? Here are a few frequent questions for your consideration from clients who want to renovate their space:

Why Should I Renovate My Home?

Rely on experts to address any exterior or interior damage to your home. Proper diagnosis of structural issues ensures effective repairs and compliance with Vancouver's laws and regulations. Our experienced contractors handle construction work while providing valuable guidance throughout the renovation process.


Why Should I Consider an Addition to My Home?

Adding space to accommodate a growing family or enhance your lifestyle without relocating is a compelling reason for home additions. From sunrooms to home offices, our residential renovation services in Vancouver offer quick and comprehensive solutions. Additionally, strategic additions can significantly increase your home's resale value.


Can My Garage Be Converted into an Additional Room?

Transform your garage into a functional living space by converting it into a room. Garage conversions are popular with existing structural elements and utilities, such as walls, foundations, and electricity. Our skilled team will design and execute the conversion to meet your specifications, ensuring maximum comfort and satisfaction with proper plumbing and HVAC system setup.

Why Should I Consider Siding Renovations?

Not only is outdated siding unpleasant, but its deterioration can cause serious problems for your home's interior and exterior. The right siding can provide long-lasting protection and help you cut down on your annual energy costs. We provide siding options in various textures and colors to match the aesthetic of your home and your budget while also adding adequate protection from the effects of changing weather. Learn more about the siding renovation services at Coastline Development Group Ltd.

Read our blog for more helpful information on residential and home renovations, check out our gallery of completed projects, or contact us today to request a consultation from our residential renovation team in Vancouver!



Whether you need expert installation of new doors, windows, or siding, Vancouver homeowners and strata property managers trust Coastline Development Group Ltd to do the job efficiently, cost-effectively, and in a timely manner.


We have many years of experience planning and completing residential construction projects in the Lower Mainland and the Sea to Sky Corridor, so we are trusted by many. Plus, you can always count on our team to show up whenever you need emergency repairs.


To learn more about your residential renovation options, please contact our office and schedule an appointment.



Receive a free quote for residential renovation or new constructions in Vancouver.

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