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Whether you are looking for a dream home or for the perfect commercial space to grow your business, getting everything you need is much easier with new construction in Vancouver. Here are the top five advantages of working with a dedicated builder such as Coastline Development Group Ltd. on a new construction over choosing to purchase an existing property:

1) Total Customizability

An existing property is not likely to tick off everything on your wish list. Opting for new construction in Vancouver will allow you to truly customize your property to your specific needs and wishes. You won't have to settle or make compromises when it comes to design features such as size and the way that the space flows from one room to the next. Choosing a new construction also ensures a modern layout with bigger kitchens and bathrooms, a more open concept, and more storage space.

2) Your Pick of Location

New construction in Vancouver allows you not only to choose your ideal layout but your ideal location as well. Rather than hoping that the right property is going to be in a good location, you can have your pick of location first and put up your new home or commercial property second. You will even be able to choose the position and orientation of the building on the lot.

3) Lower Maintenance Costs

One of the main reasons that home and business owners opt for a new construction is for the lower initial maintenance costs. You'll get to enjoy a nice window of stress-free property ownership. Buying used means you could be looking at immediate maintenance and repairs, which can significantly drive up the cost of acquiring a property even if it was cheaper than a new construction on the outset.

4) Lower Heating and Cooling Costs

A new construction property will be built according to the latest green construction techniques and with quality building materials and products. Homes and commercial properties today are constructed to high energy-efficiency standards, saving you on the cost of heating and cooling. Making the investment into new construction in Vancouver will pay off in the long term,

5) Higher Resale Value

Even if you don't intend to move in the foreseeable future, you never know what life might bring. You can take confidence in the fact that a new construction in Vancouver will have a higher resale value if you do need to relocate within a few short years. Your property will be far more attractive to potential buyers than older resale properties, allowing you to sell for a higher price.

General Contractors for New Construction in Vancouver

If new construction in Vancouver sounds like the right choice for you, then Coastline Development Group Ltd is here to help turn your vision into a reality. We are a go-to general contractor for both residential and commercial builds of all sizes, from the initial design phase all the way through to completion. For more information on new construction in Vancouver and on what we can do for you, contact Coastline Development Group Ltd today.


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