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woman is painting the siding of the house


In 2018 alone, more than 13 million renovation projects were performed on homes worldwide, equaling more than $194 billion. After you've completed a home renovation, the only thing left to do is decorate your home.

If you're thinking what we're thinking, it's how are you going to begin decorating your home without breaking the bank. Check out some of these useful tips for decorating after a renovation.


Set a Budget

  • One of our first home renovation tips is creating a budget and sticking to it if you're looking to save money. This is key, especially if you don't wish to spend a significant amount of money on your home décor.

  • Once you've set a budget, create a vision board or folder with your home decorations ideas. Knowing what you want to decorate your home with will help you start shopping for things while remaining within your budget guidelines.

Check for Freebies

  • If it's free, it's for you; one of the first sources to tap into when looking for items to decorate your home with is free ones. We recommend checking online and other places in your area where free items are being offered.

  • Another thing to think about is taking things you already have and repurposing them or turning them into something different.

Go With an Accent Wall

  • When you're looking to save money on home décor, there's no better way to make a design statement than by adding an accent wall into the room you're decorating. You can take a stencil and some paint to create depth on the wall of your choosing.

  • This alone is enough décor for one room. When guests walk into the room, their eyes will be drawn to the accent wall.

  • Ensure that everything else placed in the room enhances the wall you're accentuating.

Use Family-Made Art

  • If you're a parent, one thing you're never short of is the art that your children have created. Instead of going out and purchasing new artwork, you can collect your children's paintings and use them as art.

  • Find a way to make them fit your overall design aesthetic and hang them around your home. Not only are you saving money, but you're turning your home into a modern art gallery that everyone will love.

Go Natural

  • One thing you might not have realized is there are tons of natural materials you can find in your backyard to decorate your home with. If you enjoy the fresh outdoors, bring some of what you find outside inside.

  • Certain plants can help cleanse the air in your home while also adding touches of beautiful greenery throughout your home.

Money-Saving Ideas

People love changing the overall appearance of their homes. Whether it’s small décor changes for the season or a layout change, there are different budget-friendly ways to decorate your home.

Before you can begin decorating, you've got to complete your renovations. Instead of doing things yourself, we recommend you contact Coastline Development Group.

We take pride in what we do and help our customers achieve their dream homes.


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