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Did you know that design and build offers a fantastic alternative to traditional design-bid-build methods for a variety of different types of construction projects? Whether for a new build or for extensive interior or exterior renovations to your home, condominium complex, or commercial space, design and build offers many potential benefits

The Vancouver design and build contractors at Coastline Development Group Ltd are here to tell you all about the advantages of the design and build method, including:

Quality Construction

Choosing design and build in Vancouver from a trusted contractor is a sure way to guarantee quality construction. In the design and build method, a single contractor handles every aspect of the project, from the design phase to the construction phase. This makes it easier to have efficient collaboration between all designers, engineers, and builders, removing any ambiguity when it comes to the construction specifications.

Faster Project Completion

The streamlined design and build process also allows construction projects to be completed much more quickly than with the traditional design-bid-build process. A single point of contact means the reduction of bid time and even makes it possible for the project to be scheduled before the design phase is complete. With design and build it is also more likely that potential problems are caught and corrected early on, before the project is in full swing.

Easy Communication

Working with design and build contractors in Vancouver should be your number one option if you value communication and accountability. With all services provided by the same contractor, you'll know exactly who to contact with all of your questions or concerns. Your questions and concerns will also be dealt with in a timely and satisfactory manner as everyone will be on the exact same page.

Simple Budget Management

Construction projects are notorious for going over budget but you won't have to worry about that with the design and build method. This is because the budget can be discussed from the very beginning of the design phase rather than only after bids come in. As the architect will have access to information regarding the cost and scope of the work early on, they can more easily create a cost-effective design.

Cost savings

Established design and build contractors in Vancouver will have built strong relationships with large suppliers, allowing them to obtain construction materials at competitive prices. These are savings that design and build contractors can then pass along to their clients.

Complete Design and Build Services in Vancouver

Design and build in Vancouver simply offers too many potential benefits to not consider this method for your next residential, commercial, or strata construction project. Coastline Development Group Ltd works with a variety of clients throughout the Lower Mainland and the Sea to Sky Corridor to help bring all of their ideas to life within their specified budget. To find out more about how working with our Vancouver design and build contractors can benefit you, contact Coastline Development Group Ltd today.


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