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The design of your home exterior speaks to your aesthetic. It's what people first see when they come to visit. Is your home exterior exactly how you want it? Have you been dreaming of home exterior renovations for a while? Siding renovations can give your home the facelift it needs!


Need some siding ideas? We'll help you out! Below we'll discuss the types of siding you can choose from and figure out what works best for you.


1. Neutral Tones

  • Neutral natural-looking tones can be precisely what you need to update your facade. You can also add some white trim to make your neutral siding stand out.

2. Board and Batten

  • A board and batten look can add a ton of visual appeal. By alternating large and small boards in a vertical pattern, your house can seem taller. You can use a variety of types of wood to get this kind of look.

3. Shingle Siding

  • Shingle siding can offer you a classic look that never goes out of style. You can use the typical straight or irregular edge shingles and have the option to go a little more decorative with them if you prefer.

4. Triming

  • When you are looking to renovate the exterior of your home, you should also consider the type of trim that will help bring your home to life. Adding bold white trim can make your home pop.

5. Horizontal Siding

  • Horizontal board siding can give your home a rustic feel. If you choose horizontal siding, you can also break up the long lines by alternating the sizing of the boards.

6. Brick

  • A brick facade is traditional, but you can also mix it with horizontal or vertical siding to put a spin on tradition. Make brick a focal point, and you won't be disappointed.

7. Stone

  • If you have stone accents on the outside of your home, use them to your advantage. You can also add stone accents to the bottom of your siding to give everything a more natural look.

8. Mix and Match

  • The facade of your home does not need to be entirely uniform. You can mix up textures like stone or brick with wood siding to create a natural look.

9. Change Your Angles

  • When choosing house siding types, you don't need to select the exact same style of siding for your entire home. Choose horizontal and vertical siding to change it up a bit.

10. Make the Colors Pop

  • When choosing types of siding, consider the colors you would like them to be. You can go with an oversaturated, eye-popping look, something monochromatic, or pick something a little more neutral and natural-looking.


Pick the Siding That Speaks to You


Home exterior design can up your curb appeal and give you some creative freedom. There are many house siding types. Figure out the types of siding you like best and speak to an expert about how they can make your dreams happen!

Contact us today to discuss your siding ideas, and we'll help bring them to life!


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