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Building Contractor

Building your home could be one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make, which is why it essential that professionals handle your project. Inefficient contractors not only cause delays but also financial losses. For highly experienced general contractors in North Vancouver, look no further than Coastline Development Group Ltd. Our team of skilled contractors can handle both commercial and residential projects. Check out some of the projects our team has handled in the past. Here are a few things you should discuss with your general contractor before starting work on any project:

· Experience The general contractor should have at least a few years of experience in the industry. This helps ensure that high-quality workmanship is provided to you. You should even inquire about the different projects the contractor has handled. · License You should always look for contractors who are licensed to carry out construction projects as it ensures that they are qualified for the job. This is also an important factor while selling your house as work done by an unlicensed contractor is usually not recognised in real estate transactions.



Determine the number of crew members on the company’s team and how many of them will be working on your project. Find out how long the crew members have been associated with the company; a lengthy tenure is an indication that the company has a good reputation among its employees. You can also ask questions about the different trainings the crew has received.

·      Project Completion Time


It is important for you to know the tentative start and end date of the project. The general contractor should inform you of any circumstances that could impact the project and affect the schedule. Compare the turnaround time suggested by the company with other contractors. This will help you ascertain quality services and timely project completion.

·      Reputation


Ask your friends or family for references. Find out more about the company online; check their website and look for online reviews. A positive online reputation is an indication that the customers are happy with the quality of work and services provided to them.  

·      Flexibility


Your general contractor should be flexible to alter the project schedule to ensure the work is completed on time. The contractor should be willing to allot extra working hours every day or work on weekends. The general contractor should be prepared to handle all aspects of a project such as plumbing, roofing and window installation.

·      Materials Used and Payment


The contractor should use high-quality materials and equipment to do the job. You should get an estimate before the start of the project and compare it with other contractors. You should also decide whether you would prefer a single payment or installments at the completion of every stage of the project. 


Coastline Development Group Ltd has the experience and expertise to handle new construction projects in North Vancouver. We also provide siding renovations and are specialists in strata repairs.

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