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Home renovation can be an exciting prospect, but somehow it's never as much fun as those shows you see on TV. However, if you have plenty of money to spend, renovating your home is as simple as dialling the phone and having a home improvement contractor redo your outdated home.

However, if you have a strict budget to follow, the idea of a home renovation seems stressful. DIY home renovation on a budget isn't always fun, but it can be done. Read on below for a few tips to get you started on creating your budget.


Determine What Needs to be Done


The first thing you want to do is create a home renovation checklist. There are quite a few templates out there that can help you get this done. Once you've created that checklist, you need to sit down and determine what renovations need to be done and what you want to be done. You'll find that these are two different things.

While there are major benefits to all home renovations, if your kitchen is outdated and your appliances are from the '70s, you'll want to start there instead of purchasing the Roman tub you want for the bathroom that is in perfect working order.


Write Out Your Budget


When it comes to home renovations, you're better off having your budget in writing, where you can see exactly what you need and what money you have to pay for it. 


You'll want to budget for the large things, but don't forget to budget for the small things as well. If you're going DIY style, you're going to need to add paint brushes, sandpaper, drop cloths, tools, and other necessities to the budget as well. 


Get Multiple Quotes


Once you know exactly how much you can spend and what you want to accomplish, it's time to start researching contractors. Of course, you want only the best, most reliable contractors out there for the job. 


Your best bet is to get at least three quotes from three different contractors. If they have competition, it may even be possible to get a lower quote from your preferred contractor.  


You can do this by reading reviews on the contractor's websites and then going over to social media and reading reviews on the contractors there. You do, however, want to take reviews with a grain of salt.


Do Things Yourself


If possible, do everything in your renovations that you can on your own. For example, you should be able to do the painting and fixtures yourself and anything else you feel comfortable doing on your own. 


Stick to Your Home Renovation Budget Easily


Completing a home renovation with nice finishings on a budget can seem impossible; it can be done. For more information on reliable contractors for home improvement, contact us today.


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