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Home renovation projects can seem overwhelming at first but, with the proper planning, the project can go a lot more smoothly. The skilled team at Coastline Development Group Ltd has plenty of experience with home renovations in Vancouver. Here are our top tips to help get you started.

Prepare a Realistic Budget 

The most important step before starting on any home renovations in Vancouver is to prepare a realistic budget. Many homeowners tend to set an unrealistically lower number compared to their project goals. So take the time and decide whether you are willing to stretch the budget to get everything you want, or whether you need to reign in the scope of the renovation.

Stay Clear on Why You Are Renovating

Staying clear on why you are renovating can help you stick to a more realistic budget, as it is easy to get carried away once you start adding more to the list. For example, you may have initially set out to solve a specific problem, such as a cramped bathroom. On top of adding more space, you may also be tempted to add ultra-high-end finishes and a large Jacuzzi. If you have space in your budget, then go for it! However, you'll be able to save money and stick to your budget if you remember why you set out to renovate in the first place.

Remember that Trends Come and Go

Home renovations in Vancouver are better at holding up to the test of time if they don't focus on current design trends. Design trends come and go and, if you renovate to the current trend, then you'll just find yourself wanting to renovate again in a few years when that trend goes out of style. You can always decorate with the trends, just don't renovate with them.

Don't Overlook the Importance of General Repairs

Before you start renovating, make sure that you aren't overlooking important repairs to the structures and systems of your home. Prior to spending your money on upgrades, it's best to make sure that the bones of your home are in good shape by listing any necessary repairs and replacements and tackling them first.

Contact Local Contractors for Quotes

Finally, you'll want to contact local contractors for quotes on your renovation. A reliable Vancouver home renovations contractor will provide you with a detailed, written quote and a fair price for the work you are requesting. Remember, you get the quality you pay for, so don't only go looking for the lowest price.

Professional Home Renovations in Vancouver

Homeowners who are planning home renovations in Vancouver often look to Coastline Development Group Ltd. Our skilled tradesmen specialize in new construction and home renovation projects in the Lower Mainland. We are fully covered by Worksafe BC and Liability Insurance, giving our clients peace of mind.

We invite you to take a look at our past home renovations in Vancouver and, if you like what you see, to contact us today to request a free estimate.


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