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Hope this year started well for you! A change in the calendar year also gives you the opportunity to revisit your home and office building needs. There is always room for improvement. You can analyze the space around you and visualize the changes you want. Rethink the arrangements for your furniture or identify the repairs your building needs. Functionality is important as well as the look and feel. It should not only be your comfort zone but also an extension of your personality. It can also become a special place to flaunt to your friends and family!

Being aware of home renovation ideas will help you better renovate your personal space. At Coastline Development Group Ltd., we have gone through the top home design choices of 2018 and present to you 10 incredible design predictions for 2019:

1. Personal Touch

Let your home speak your style. People no longer want their houses to look like a page out of a catalog. You can mix and match colors and patterns, letting it reflect who you are. Surround yourself with things that make you feel happy and at home. You can be minimalistic and organized or lively, trendy and chic. While whitewash and timber tones give a minimalistic look, primary and vibrant colors give a lively feel. Throw in many cushions and have an open seating space for a welcoming and cozy feel. This year is all about letting your home express your feelings.

2. Wallpapers and murals

Wallpapers have always been popular and 2019 will not be any different. Apart from general wallpapers, you can also use Agate wallpapers in popping colors which can brighten up any space. You can choose between geometric and floral patterns too. Wall mural is also back and easy to install. 3-D patterned wallpapers are also popular, and it makes the room inviting and exciting.

3. Natural elements

Natural elements have a serene impact on everyone. Be experimental and use stone, copper, concrete or granite to decorate your house. It will offer an organic feeling that you can amplify by placing indoor plants around the corners.

4. Designed ceilings

Be bold and design your ceiling. It’s all on trend. Painting the ceiling and walls the same color makes the room pop. Golden or silver ceilings with chandeliers will provide an elegant and royal look. You can also add wallpapers to the ceilings or a fixture for the ultimate modern look.

5. Floral patterns

Floral patterns are enjoying an increased popularity. Be experimental and enjoy this timeless style in everything from wallpapers to curtains.

6. Art Deco furniture

Art Deco refers to visual art or drama. It has high contrast combinations in the material used or in colors and patterns. Incorporating this for beds, sofas, lightings, tables and chairs glamourizes the space to timeless standards.

7. Doors and Windows

Doors and windows add to the first impressions of a home. As a result, ceiling to floor glass windows are in demand. White framed windows are always trending and offer a classic look. Doors with a smart-door lock and metallic knobs are sought after. Interestingly, front doors are getting colorful makeovers with shades of blue being very common.

8. Flooring

Low-maintenance and eco-friendly options are favored while choosing flooring options. Using reclaimed wood and distressed hardwood is very popular. Rapid-lock vinyl tile is waterproof, stain proof, and are great for bathrooms and kitchens. Polished concrete floors in the kitchen and basements provide an industrial look and are quite easy to maintain. Hexagon Ceramic tiles are commonly used and are still a favorite for bathrooms.

9. Siding

You can change your sidings too if you are considering home renovations. The most important trend in siding is to use high-quality material. Cement siding requires very low maintenance and increases the durability and efficiency of the home. It can be paired with the right insulation to achieve low energy bills. Grey siding with white trim corners is very trendy. The use of engineered siding is on the rise as it is more pocket-friendly.

10. Outdoor Renovation

Customized open spaces will continue to be in style for 2019. You can custom-make your outdoor deck or bar. A gazebo can enhance the charm of your outdoor space while fire pits adapt to small and large places. Jacuzzis are very popular when people have ample space. If you have kids, then you can convert your outdoor space into a playground area. In case you are worried about whether to renovate the interior or the exterior first, read our blog discussing this.

When considering home renovation ideas, remember to let your creativity flow, and design or redesign your space abiding to your taste. After all, your home is the place where you find yourself feeling relaxed and secure, so allow it to speak your style.

If you are considering home improvement or exterior renovations, contact Coastline Development Group Ltd today and get a free appraisal and cost estimate. We will listen to your home renovation needs and help you create your dream home.


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