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We provide our clients with a free consultation and appraisal for the cost of every construction or renovation project.


Coastline Development Group Ltd is a general contracting firm focused on new builds and complete renovations. We design and build projects for homes and businesses around the Lower Mainland, the Sea to Sky Corridor, Whistler, and Vancouver Island. Our team has much renovation experience working with property management companies on various Strata developments in and around Vancouver. Our construction contractors can help you create your dream house or commercial building with customized designs and additions. You can count on us to coordinate construction and related renovation projects. We strive to do the job right the first time, exceeding your expectations. We aim to offer you effective customer service and superior-quality work at budget-friendly prices.


Whether you are looking for residential or commercial renovation companies in the greater Vancouver area, we can help. Contact us with your questions or to book our construction services.


Our Coastline Development Group Ltd team is skilled at completing multiple types of projects and facilitating different aspects of construction in the Greater Vancouver Area. We can provide you with the following:

Complete general contracting services for commercial and strata developments
Parkade and roofing membrane installations and repairs
Mechanical and electrical service and installations
Exterior sealant and waterproofing work
Concrete installation and repairs
Building envelope repairs and installations
Carpentry and millwork installations
Interior renovations and finishing
Exterior and interior painting
Landscape installation

Tenant improvements for retail, commercial, and office

Look at some of our past projects to understand why we are one of the most chosen renovation companies for construction or renovation projects in various Vancouver scales.



Take a look at our solution portfolio:

  • Strata specialists - Count on us to repair and maintain your stratas. Our team specializes in high-quality strata services.

  • New construction- Leverage top-notch construction, repair and maintenance services in Vancouver. Our team can take your ideas from the first concept through to completion.

  • Residential - Crafting stunning residential spaces where convenience meets class. Our residential construction services include:

    • Home renovations: We revitalize homes with renovations that blend practicality with trendy aesthetics.

    • Exterior renovations: Our team enhances curb appeal with long-lasting exterior renovations.

    • Siding renovations: We beautify and protect homes with high-quality siding renovations.

    • Design and build: We offer bespoke design and build services for a seamless project journey from concept to creation.

    • Repairs: Get prompt and efficient repair services to maintain the integrity and safety of your residence.

  • Commercial - We help businesses design and realize their desired outdoor workspaces. Our commercial construction services include:

    • Commercial landscape - We build, update, and maintain the beauty of outdoor spaces for commercial properties.


We are experts whether you plan a new building construction or need maintenance and repairs. Our team has experience working with various strata businesses, and we are always eager to share our knowledge with our customers. When you hire our construction contractors, you can count on us to help you in various ways, including:


  • Construction contractors

  • General contractors

  • Home renovation contractors


We use cutting-edge tools and equipment to provide the best possible service. Because you are our top priority, our contractors are dedicated to giving complete client satisfaction. We only utilize high-quality products that ensure your safety. Learn more about our home renovation, commercial landscaping, and other services through our blog section.


It can be tiring and overwhelming to plan a renovation project. An easy way to do this is by booking services from a Vancouver renovation company with the necessary industry knowledge and experience. You can enjoy the following benefits by hiring construction contractors:


  • They can offer professional design services. A professional’s experience can help you select the trendy designs, styles, and layouts that suit your project.

  • They can efficiently manage your project, meaning your requirements will be achieved while meeting the deadline, budget limitations, and other factors.

  • Most contractors are covered by insurance, which provides protection and financial security in case of accidents, damages, or liabilities.

  • Our renovation contractors are well-trained to keep a check on taking the correct measurements of all structures before ordering or preparing raw materials. This helps avoid any inconvenience.

  • By leveraging their expertise, renovation contractors can accurately assess the required material quantity, preventing unnecessary expenses associated with ordering excess supplies and incurring double delivery charges.

  • A professional contractor will also help you choose suitable materials for your project, such as those that are moisture-resistant, affordable, and long-lasting.

  • Professional contractors typically have established networks and contacts within the industry, enabling them to navigate the permit application process efficiently.

  • A professional contractor takes all safety measures well in advance to keep your property and life protected.

Are you planning to renovate your home or office space? Avoid over-expending on your project with our affordable renovation services. We pay close attention to the smallest details to ensure your project is done correctly and without delay.



Coastline Development Group Ltd is insured for five million dollars in liability insurance and has full WorkSafe BC coverage. We also deal with several large suppliers, which results in very competitive material costs for our projects. Our company has skilled tradesmen on staff and strives for excellent construction management.


Please call our office directly with further questions regarding Coastline Development Group Ltd. You can also fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment with our team. Arrange a consultation with us today to get a free quote for the cost of your construction project.


Yours truly,
Don McMillan
Director of Development

Cell: 778-228-4208


Vancouver chooses Coastline Development Group Ltd as its construction partner. Here's why:

  • Extensive expertise: We are not just builders but creators of dreams. Our expertise spans a diverse range of environments and project scopes. 

  • Customized solutions: Your vision is unique, and so should the solution. We pride ourselves on delivering tailored services catering to our clients' requirements. Whether a new build or a complete renovation, we personalize our approach to your requirements.

  • Reliable service: Trustworthiness is the cornerstone of our business. As a reliable construction provider in Vancouver, we have a proven track record of finishing projects on time and within budget, all while maintaining industry workmanship standards.

  • Quality assurance: Quality is our ultimate promise. Our detailed quality assurance processes show our dedication to distinction. We ensure that every detail is considered and every finish is immaculate, delivering a final product that fulfills and surpasses your expectations. Your dream property is built here.

  • End-to-end project management: From the initial consultation to the final touches, we are dedicated to making your experience with us optimistic and fulfilling.


Our commonly asked questions:

What are Construction Solutions?

Construction services refer to building new buildings or renovating old ones. For Vancouver, BC, and North Vancouver, this means working with organizations that need to develop new structures meeting the current standards and contemporary design.

If you’re in Vancouver and planning your next residential or commercial construction project, contact Coastline Development Group Ltd. We're the ideal pick!

Do You Follow Construction Codes?

Safety is critical for our construction company in Vancouver. We adhere to strict security protocols, regularly instruct our staff and use the latest safety measures. This adherence to safety reduces risks and ensures the well-being of everyone involved in our Vancouver building projects.

What Types of Construction Services Does Coastline Development Group Ltd offer? 

Coastline Development Group Ltd offers an exhaustive range of building services in the Greater Vancouver Area, including general contracting for commercial and strata developments, parkade and roofing membrane installations, mechanical and electrical services, exterior sealant and waterproofing, concrete work, building envelope repairs, carpentry, millwork, interior and exterior renovations, painting, landscape installation, and tenant improvements. We also offer residential construction services.

Commercial Geniuses



For new construction, renovations, landscaping, and more, our qualified team will help your business stand out.

Your Strata Experts



Our team of skilled contractors has worked on many strata and condo projects throughout the Greater Vancouver area.

Free Estimates



We provide our clients with a free consultation and appraisal for the cost of every construction or renovation project.



Our construction services cover everything you desire for your property.


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